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About Us

The Beggars Fair is an annual free community festival run entirely by a small team of enthusiastic volunteers. It has been running since July 1993 and is living up to its aims of showcasing local talent in a friendly, welcoming environment. The day has a great atmosphere that keeps people and performers returning year after year.

It may not be a nationally known festival like Glastonbury, Cambridge, Sidmouth or Isle Of Wight, but we do believe it’s the biggest of its kind in Hampshire. A pictorial history of all previous runnings of this event can be found on A Brief History Of The Beggars Fair.

One of the original goals of the first organising committee in 1993 was “to create a new tradition for Romsey, involving musicians, dancers, entertainers and above all audience”. After 26 events this it certainly now is. A truly unique community event and by far the busiest Saturday in Romsey all year. So turn up early!

If you’re tempted to assist us in making this annual festival happen then please Contact Us. An extra pair of hands is never refused!

Beggars Fair Team

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Beggars Fair 2016
Beggars Fair 2016