Take Part At Beggars Fair

Musical & Dance submissions for 2022 closed ages ago and you are far too late. But there is always 2023 to look forward to. So revisit this page at later date.

Be Local To Romsey…

The Beggars Fair is a festival that promotes local talent, so we only consider acts who are local to Romsey and the surrounding area.┬áSo if you’re based in Southampton, Bournemouth, Salisbury, Andover, Basingstoke,┬áPortsmouth, the Isle of Wight or nearer then get in touch. So roughly within 25 miles of Romsey as shown in the map below.

Are you within the circle of selection?

So Email Us below, describing yourself or band, act etc. Musicians please supply a website, Facebook, SoundCloud etc which has tracks/video we can listen to. We have a preference for those that perform original material or with an original take on existing or traditional material.

Payment? There’s A Clue In The Event Name…

The Beggars Fair is a free community festival on an extremely limited budget. It may not be a Glastonbury, Cambridge, Sidmouth etc but we do believe it’s the biggest of its kind in Hampshire.

If you are professionals expecting to be paid then the Beggars Fair is probably not your cup of tea. There is a clue in the title of the event as to how little you won’t be paid.

For our income we rely upon sponsors, programme selling, advertising and donations on the day to run the Beggars Fair as a free event for the folk of Romsey and the surrounding area. There is no way that an event like this can happen otherwise.

The Festival…

  • 2023 will be the 29th Beggars Fair.
  • Venues are not ticketed and everything is free for all.
  • Acts from earlier years are invited back, but we invite as many new performers as possible.
  • Previous running orders are found at 2022, 2019, 2018 and 2017.

Musical Acts…

  • Submissions for 2023 are accepted until 31st January 2023. Invitations to the lucky ones are then sent from February onwards. We are always many, many times oversubscribed.
  • Music played must be live, not backing tracks.
  • Preference will be given to those that perform original material or with an original take on existing or traditional material.
  • All varieties of folk, roots, world, blues, jazz, choral, classical, medieval recorder music, barber shop and everything thing else in-between is considered.
  • Performance slots are 30/45 mins with 15/30 mins change overs.
  • Venues that need PAs have them, but you need to bring any backline gear. Stage drum kits are not provided.
  • The Beggars Fair team do not organise everything. Post-6pm bands are organised by the venues themselves. The Star Inn and The Tudor Rose organise their own music entirely throughout the day. If you want to play there then contact those venues directly. The Programme will list everyone regardless of who organises what.

Apply For Beggars Fair 2023!

Describe yourself or band, act etc as necessary. Musicians please supply a website, YouTube Facebook, SoundCloud etc which has tracks we can listen to.

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