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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions submitted in person or via the website and social media.

  • How much are the tickets?
  • There are no tickets. It’s free, free, FREE! It’s always free. It has been free since the first in 1993. Not all festivals cost money.
    However if you buy a programme then you can call that your ‘ticket’ 🙂
  • Where can I buy tickets?
  • See the previous answer!
  • Is Beggars Fair a charity and where does the money go?
  • Beggars Fair is not a charity, we are a not for profit organisation. All monies raised go towards funding the next event. The members of the organising team are all volunteers and give our time for free.
  • Why doesn’t Beggars Fair continue onto the Sunday?
  • Everyone is just a bit whacked out after the Saturday 🙂
  • Why isn’t the running order on the website like every other festival?
  • It’s not given away for free, it’s in the Programme. We are a free event and the printed Programme contributes a large proportion of our income. You can call it your ‘ticket’ and helps the event happen.
  • Why does the printed running order change?
  • The print programme can go to press 5 weeks before the event, and then on sale 3 weeks before it all happens. In the intervening time one or more acts will withdraw for a variety of reasons and will therefore have to be replaced. Any such changes will listed on the Programme Errata & Updates page.
  • Do the Beggars Fair Team organise everything listed?
  • No. We organise maybe 70-75% of what is listed. Youth In Romsey and the Venues organise the rest. The print Programme will list everyone regardless of who organises what. Just as long as they tell us who they have performing.
  • Do the performers get paid?
  • Those organised directly by the Beggars Fair team play for free. As for those organised by the Venues, you’ll have to ask them.
  • Why is performer X not listed on the website?
  • Some acts are rather elusive, especially those organised by the venues. If there’s not an image and text forthcoming then it’s a pointless exercise for the website. All performers are listed in the print programme running order.
  • Why is the Such And Such Pub not listed on the website or programme?
  • Licensed venues must agree to the Pubwatch Code of Conduct for Beggars Fair. If they don’t sign up they they cannot take part and therefore will not be listed.


Beggars Fair 2016
Beggars Fair 2016