Out of a small bedroom in March 2021, upon their first meeting as a band, it didn’t take longer than a moment to realise that Ben, Anton, Harvey & Harry had something special. There was an obvious chemistry in just the few songs they played together, and plans were being drawn out for the future on day one. Within those few hours, SAHARA was born.

SAHARA, consisting of Ben (vocals / guitar / keys), Anton (lead guitar), Harvey (bass guitar) & Harry (drums), are an alternative rock band based in Portsmouth, UK. Inspired by the synth-leading style of Blossoms and the guitar-driven swagger of The Strokes as well as the creative minds of The Beatles, their idea is to put their own stamp on their sound, their stage presence and personality.

With each gig that SAHARA has played, the audience has grown and their name has reached new ears. Their debut single Flow released on the 8th April 2022. It was only a matter of time before you would have heard it too.