Errata & Updates

Any errors unearthed within the 2022 programme or updates to the running order after it’s printed are listed on this page.

Changes as at 9pm Friday 8th July comprise…

Abbey Stage

1:45 A short 15min pause for Wedding Bells!
3:45 Another short 15min pause for more Wedding Bells!
Because of two unexpected weddings and brides must have bells.

Baptist Church

12:00 Rob Stansbridge (Beggar’s Belief have tested positive)
2:30 Rob Stansbridge (Beggar’s Belief have tested positive)

Bishop Blaize

11:30 Polly Morris Band
1:00 Sarah Saville
2:00 Panasomos
3:00 Murphys Lore
The Bishop is under new management and a late, but very welcome, arrival this year

Cavendish Mensware

2:30 KimG
Another late, but welcome, venue

Cornmarket Main Stage

11:00 Kasbah Swing Band (Mighty Hump have tested positive)
4:00 TBA (Wickham Morris have tested positive)

Cocky Anchor

16:30 Annie Hayes (was an empty slot)

Family Festival In The Park

4:00 Auden
4:30 Charlie Smith

King John’s Garden

1:15 Rob Clamp (was Bekka Blake)
3:15 Annie Hayes (was Rob Clamp but he’s now earlier as you can see)


6:30 Skinny Bob
8:00 Bear On Tap

Olive Tree

11:00 TBA/Vacant (Down With The DJ has withdrawn)
12:00 Auden
3:00 Chris Peace (Foxer’s front man replaces Ben Goddard who has withdrawn)


12:45 Chris Peace (just Foxer’s front man and not all of Foxer)

White Horse

4:00 TBA (Cinnamon Jazz have tested positive)


Beggars Fair 2016
Beggars Fair 2016