Polly Morris

Best known for her observational comedy songs, Polly Morris has a rare gift of being able to bring people together through her music. All audience members can identify with her songs about the frustrations of mobile phones or internet shopping, whilst her more poignant songs lift the audience away in surprising changes of mood. A multi-instrumentalist, her solo performances are accompanied by her guitar, piano and occasional double- bass. Along with songs from her own albums, Polly will often delight the audience with surprisingly clever spoof songs.

The Polly Morris Band is a female-led musical comedy band that performs laugh-out-loud funny songs and also heartbreakingly poignant songs. The band is well known for its tight harmonies, beautiful arrangements and moments to make you smile. Polly Morris is joined by Mandy Stansfield, Kate Hunter and Brian Harries for performances of originality, great music and surprising moments. Their audience interaction and flexibility to mould the performance to those who are there have lead to sell-out shows across the south. Occasionally the band is also joined by Joel Solomons or Leonardo MacKenzie or Paul Thomas

Polly is the Flanders and Swann of our day, a cultural commentator with her tongue firmly in her cheek!” David Gillard MBE – Daily Mail
A fun band – with extra Fun-ness thrown in” – Camelot
The Polly Morris Band make you feel so much part of the band that you feel as if you are on stage with them while still in your seats” – Anonymous Audience Member