Polly Morris

A Musical Comedy Band hailing from Dorset, The Polly Morris Band is a diverse cocktail of comic songs, heart- wrenching acoustic songs and funny moments that “make the audience feel so much part of the band that they feel that they are on stage with them while still in their seats”. Polly Morris, Mandy Stansfield, Brian Harries, Steve Faulkner, Kate Hunter and Joel Solomons combine instruments, songs and wordplay with the sole aim of giving the audience a cracking good time.

The Polly Morris Band is a band where you need to “Expect the Unexpected”. The songs, which are written by Polly Morris, have clever lyrics and catchy melodies. They are gaining increasing radio airplay across the country (Including BBC South and Wave 105).

The Band comprises Polly Morris, Mandy Stansfield, Steve Faulkner, Kate Hunter, Brian Harries and Joel Solomons all solo performers in their own right, with an ever-changing combination of vocals, guitar, harmony vocals, fiddle, saxophone, flute, accordion, double bass and piano to make a band that combines musicality with a huge amount of fun. Following the release of their 6th Studio album – Fairytale…Almost! “That rare album that moves you to tears and then puts a smile on your face!” (Fatea Magazine) the band are touring their theatre show throughout 2019/ 2020, currently including London, Yorkshire, Wales and The South of England.

Polly is the Flanders and Swann of our day, a cultural commentator with her tongue firmly in her cheek!” David Gillard MBE – Daily Mail
A fun band – with extra Fun-ness thrown in” – Camelot
The Polly Morris Band make you feel so much part of the band that you feel as if you are on stage with them while still in your seats” – Anonymous Audience Member