Memorial Park Stage

War Memorial Park, The Meads, Romsey SO51 8HY

A purpose built stage in Memorial Park is the location for the Family Festival from 11am until 5pm. A wide range of food and non-alcoholic drink from the Park Café.

And besides the music there’s something for everyone…

  • Outreach Dance
  • Slide
  • Children’s play centre
  • Bungee
  • Trampoline
  • Hook a duck
  • Sweets & candy
  • Slushy drinks
  • Tea cup ride
  • Water roller
  • Donuts & Ice Cream
  • Spud Shack
  • Viniak native
  • Beggars Fair Information

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Concerts take place on the bandstand throughout the Spring and Summer. For that and many other Park events click here.