2019's Morris Acts

Deorfrith Morris

Deorfrith Morris is a mixed Morris side based in The New Forest in Hampshire. During the autumn and winter months we practise on Tuesday evenings at Deorfrith Lodge – the Scout Hut in Lyndhurst. During the summer, most Tuesday evenings… Read More ►

Mary Rose & Royal George Street Dancers​​

Mary Rose and Royal George Street Morris dancers originally started back in the 70’s. A Portsmouth based team who aimed to bring a lively new approach to folk-style dancing with influences from all traditional types of Morris, such as Border,… Read More ►

Red Stags Morris

Founded in 1968 in Southampton, Red Stags perform our very own style of Border Morris. Some of our dances are traditional, others are based on research and interpretation of old manuscripts, some are imported from across the pond, the remaining… Read More ►