2018's Jazz Acts


Jazz standard band with a gypsy edge. facebook.com/ray.improgig youtube.com/channel/UCxhKurq2tnu9Jb1obVCyNpQ


Murderville write and perform strange tales from the dark underbelly of Film Noir and detective fiction. We are a semi-acoustic guitar trio fronted by our very own sultry, jazz diva Amy Soquette. Our music is a mix of jazz-pop, blues… Read More ►

Pair Of Horns

Pair of Horns play cool jazz, standards and pop on saxes and clarinets. With our great backing tracks the two of us become a whole band you can fit in a small corner. facebook.com/pairofhorns


Saxofony is a well established acoustic Saxophone Quartet, playing a mixed style of music from Classical favourites through modern classics and pop arrangements to all styles of Jazz (we like that stuff best). We love the atmosphere at the Beggars… Read More ►