2018's Dance Acts


Clausentum is a mixed dance side meaning anyone can join in the fun. We dance Cotswold Morris, the one with hankies, bells and sticks, mainly performing dances in the style of Fieldtown, Bampton and in the coming year Hinton. We… Read More ►

Contrast Dance Company

Contrast dance company is the South’s leading dance company specialising in bringing together various dance styles and technique to help dancers progress in all aspects of dance delivery. We provide dance classes for ages 6 to adults, based at Academy… Read More ►


We are a group of Bulgarians and English, men and women, practising traditional Bulgarian Dance using unique Bulgarian asymmetrical rhythms. This dance style is known in Bulgaria as a Horo. Almost every Village and certainly every ethnic area of Bulgaria… Read More ►


Jigfoot play traditional dance tunes with energy, inventiveness and, above all, swing. This is music that defies you to stay still, whether it’s at a dance or in a concert performance. Come and join the ceilidh in the street with… Read More ►

New Forest Meddlars

The New Forest Meddlars is a mixed Morris dance side, formed in 1990 and based in Lyndhurst in the New Forest. We dance mainly in the Cotswold and Border traditions, but vary our performances with new dances, some collected at… Read More ►

Red Stags Morris

Founded in 1968 in Southampton, Red Stags perform our very own style of Border Morris. Some of our dances are traditional, others are based on research and interpretation of old manuscripts, some are imported from across the pond, the remaining… Read More ►

TLC Dancing Demo

Watch dancers from Tracie’s Latin Club demonstrate the sizzling Salsa, the tantalising Argentine Tango, the cheeky cha cha and all things Latin. There will also be time for all ages of the general public to join in and experience the… Read More ►