Mad Magdalen

Whether on the main stage, around a camp fire, or plugged into a sun, wind or pedal powered amp or two, Mad Magdalen (pronounced “Mad Mawdlin”) offer traditional English music with attitude. We sing songs and play tunes about sex, death, dancing and magic with a sprinkling of the history you were never taught at school. Born around a kitchen table, with good food (probably curry) and wine combined with the English tradition of getting together with friends and playing old songs, Mad Magdalen have gone on to play at festivals and gatherings all across the South of England.

Mad Magdalen features artists with a solid background in the English Folk Tradition. Ali and Graeme played folk clubs and festivals as “Devil’s Elbow” – known for their sensitive and creative arrangements of traditional songs and tunes, Claire sings with the Paul Sartin’s Andover Museum Loft Singers, and Paul is known for his satire. At any event they’re just as happy to be starting an impromptu folk club, maybe teaching a few kids (young and old) to juggle, even offering a singing workshop (or tai-chi session!) as well as performing their own particular brand of energy packed rocking folk guaranteed to get people dancing, and even crowd surfing…